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We all have that treasured couch that’s been on our family for generations. However, over time our furniture can deteriorate and start to wear out. As property owners, we refuse to see our items lose their charm and want to keep our memories intact. If this is your case, our team is here to help! We’re your furniture reupholstery company in Shreveport, LA. We’re driven to keep your furniture looking beautiful and brand new again.

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At Next Door Upholstery, we believe that furniture passed down from generations with sentimental value deserves a second chance. As such, our team specializes in preserving your furniture’s essence. We have over 25 years of experience and have worked on several different projects that involve furniture upholstery repair, chair upholstery, and couch upholstery. We treat every piece of furniture delicately and as if it was our own. Count on us to repair furniture, fix broken legs and springs on antiques. In addition, we restore all sorts of furniture such as couches, ottomans, lounge chairs, and antique chairs.

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Trust in our furniture reupholstery service to bring your furniture back to life. We’re committed to helping you get your furniture refreshed by working with the best fabrics and methods. You can rely on our service to take care of your furniture and deliver one-of-a-kind results. Contact our specialized team today so we can make your furniture look brand new!

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Give your furniture a second chance with our reupholstery services!

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