Have Custom Furniture in Shreveport, LA, To Transform Your Space

There’s no feeling compared to what you get when you transform your favorite spot in your house. At Next Door Upholstery, we create stunning pieces for our customers and take pride in being your partner when uplifting the desired space. We’re a family-owned company in Shreveport, LA and strive to deliver you the pieces of furniture that you’ve always wanted.

Rely on our services whenever you need one of the following custom pieces:

  • Custom desk
  • Custom shelf
  • Custom couch
  • Custom dresser
  • And much more!

We Can Bring Your Vision To Life

We Match Your Style

At Next Door Upholstery, with over 25 years of experience, we know that each of our clients has a unique style. As such, we offer custom furniture for any taste. We create desks, shelves, chairs, dressers, chests, couches, and many other pieces of furniture that will be just what you dreamed. We use the best materials and methods to ensure we extend your furniture’s life and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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Whether you’re decorating your home interior or thinking about getting a new beautiful piece to enlighten your environment, you can count on us! We’d love to provide you with custom furniture that’ll fit perfectly in your space! Contact our designers in Shreveport, LA, and get ready to enjoy our personalized service!

Our Full Range of Services

Give your furniture a second chance with our reupholstery services!

Furniture Reupholstering

Improve your driving experience and reflect your personality with our car upholstery service!

Vehicle/Auto Reupholstering

Get ready to have a beautiful boat and sail into new adventures!

Boat and Marine Reupholstering

Let us match your style and create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces!

Custom-Made Furniture

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